Futurenet (1998)

A website designed specifically for thin client network computers.

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This was part of the work ArgoNet did for thin client network computers, before the SCEE Nevada stuff.

So this was a project that might not have worked out as well as we'd hoped, and I might have to be a bit careful as to what I say about rumours of someone involved being raided by the FBI. I mean, I probably shouldn't mention that part at all. Nope. I have vague recollections about something to do with pyramid schemes and vitamin pills, but I could be COMPLETELY MISTAKEN IN MY RECOLLECTIONS.  I'm also sure there are other companies called Futurenet now that have nothing to do with this.

Anyway, on to safer grounds - it was a website specifically designed to run on thin client network attached computers. As such I got to draw some big, colourful icons so they could be seen on TV screens which, at the time, were not particularly high resolution or clear.

Side note: I used a modified version of the rocket as a T-shirt design which totally failed to sell, but caught the eye of someone starting a courier business.  So there may be a version of this still kicking around the US somewhere.

I do know that Jason Tribbeck and Richard Jelbert got to go to the launch in the Philippines, and apparently there was a sign at the door to leave your weapons at the front desk like it was the Wild West or something.