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Back before social media was a thing, someone said it was vain to have a page with my pictures on. But now we have Twitter and Facebook and Instagram so who's laughing now? Now I guess the question is more: why do you still have a personal website?  Well at least it gives me a place to back up my photos that I actually have some control over.

I'm more comfortable behind the lens than in front, but a while back I started trying to keep a current picture on my site.  Before social media it was a lot harder to know what people looked like, which was a problem if you ever wanted to meet in real life.  Or just were really, really nosey.

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New Flat 2

Seeing as I'd been living out of a suitcase in someone's tiny back bedroom for the past year, something roomy was a definite step up, even if these pictures show pretty much every stick of furniture I owned.

Paris Dogs

, Paris, France.

This shot always reminds me of the opening of Reservoir Dogs, only geekier.

I don't think Liz (in the background) was speaking to us after we'd made her travel in the boot of the car in a drunken early-morning return from viewing the Eiffel Tower. Look, there wasn't enough seats and she was the smallest, okay?

Chinatown meal

, London.

Chinatown, London; after one of the Acorn shows. On the other side of the table was the gang from Acorn User, and the final bill came to about £450...

(Note: this was a lot of money back then.)

Work you bastard

This pic was presumed lost due to a hard drive failure, but turned up on an ancient Zip disc while I was going through some backups. I used to refer to this pic as my "work you bastard or I'm taking a hammer to you" shot - it was the first digital camera I'd played with, and it didn't go well. But I look so young then this title now seems a little absurd. Aw, doesn't he look cute in his leather jacket and his short hair? Bless.

Fox 2

, Nottingham.

If I look like I'd just been dragged through a hedge backwards, it's because I had.  After running around the garden for a while, the little bugger tried to climb the ivy to get out but when the ivy got wrapped around its neck I had to step in. I then carried it to our garden where it could rejoin its family - which was nervously pacing behind the fence.

House of Cards

, Derwent Living, Derby.

For some reason the marketing team decided to all come in dressed in black and white.  We must have been bored.  Steve took a few shots of me doing "House of Cards" type poses.

Tux selfie

, Coventry.

Awards ceremony!  Didn't win.

We did come "highly commended" at the 24Housing awards in Coventry.