This was supposed to be a history of Acorn hardware but it just turned into a list of my stuff.

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This was supposed to be a serious history of Acorn hardware using my own collection as a cheap source of photo models, but somewhere along the way it just turned into a list of stuff I have in my collection, with recollections of how they were bought, what they were used for, and any gossip I can remember. I've also added a quick buyer's guide in case you're also trying to get hold of classic Acorn machines.

I spent my formative years with an Acorn Electron; tried to take things seriously with an A310; and went to work with a RiscPC in a bag (it was a pretty big bag). After I started work and I could afford twenty or thirty quid for a piece of junk/history — and still be able to eat at the end of the month — I started picking up bits and pieces from friends, car boot sales, and when all else failed eBay. But I'll always remember Acorn kit fondly for getting me where I am today (for better or worse).

Some of the pictures are a bit dodgy: at the time some of these were taken I didn't have my own digital camera, so both size and camera work are a bit lacking. But they'll do, and add to the charm I guess.

8bit computers

32bit computers

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Great at the time; and granddaddy to the chip in your phone?


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Flat computers for serving webpages and stuff, before it all went virtual.