The more expensive version of the A310.

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This is the A440/1 I bought for a fiver from the charity stall of a RISC OS show in Wakefield, which is substantially less than it cost when new! The monitor and mouse is from my A310, a fiver only bought the base unit and keyboard.

The insides are somewhat dusty but it did spark up first time; the ST506 hard drive had been configured off and upon making it visible it did appear to have a slightly broken map, but that was fixed with a simple *command. I had bought it to see if I could get RISC OS 2 screenshots out of it, but someone had upgraded it to RISC OS 3.

As well as the hard drive this unit appears to differ from my A310 by having the 4 slot backplane by default, and coming with 4MB RAM - both of which had to be added later to the A310.