Computer setup, 2002

This was my desk at work circa May 2002.

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Mmm, smell that turn of the millennium technology!

My old site had this page up using a table layout and crude JavaScript to display text when mousing over the various machines. As an experiment in 2019, I decided to copy this page over using the same images, but to only use simple CSS - no JS, no grid layout, and yet make it fully responsive so it works on mobile and/or touchscreen devices.

If the images were all full height strips this would be easier, but the Risc PC and Linux machines sharing a "strip" makes me nostalgic for table layouts!

The CMS is the main sticking point as it prettifies the HTML, which adds gaps in to the layout - so I'm dumping this straight into the database. And the text has to get edited down on very small screens because duh, they're small. But in general it appears to work!

Select any of the four computers (or the printer!) for more information.
My old Windows PC - crappy beige box machine
An Apple G4 - funky transparent rounded computer
My Acorn RiscPC - funky small one-slice case
Another small boring beige box, but running a Linux web server
An old inkjet printer