Chichester Snow
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During the day we laughed at the suggestion that it might snow, sitting in the warm office looking out at sunny skies. Even getting into the car to go home, it was cold but clear (if a little dark at 6pm). On the five minute journey to my flat however, we went from clear, to thundery, to the first stinging flakes of ice as I put my key into the door. By the time I'd got rid of coat, bag and keys there was a tapping sound at the window, and outside was covered in a thin layer of white.

I put some food in the microwave, but decided that grabbing my camera and taking some photos was more appealing that microwaved pizza. Before it got too bad...

Chichester is not a big place. By the end of my road I was covered in snow, so thick I had to scrape it off my jacket. By the time I got to the far end of the cathedral, it had stopped. The "storm" lasted about half an hour, but was enough to slide my boss's car off the road after he'd dropped me off. Luckily it was only at 15mph. It still put him into oncoming traffic and scared the daylights out of him though.

Due to the cold, wind, lack of light, snow on various bits of the camera and so on, some pics aren't great; but they show a bit of atmosphere.