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Canalside Herons

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Gallery published by Richard Goodwin

A walk down Nottingham's canal saw at least one, if not two, very sociable Herons. The first flew quite close and then took up residence on the path near one of the new buildings on Island Street. The second encounter took place just down from Sainsbury's, where a Heron was standing in the runoff stream. I edged closer and closer, taking pictures, until a couple walked up, one wearing a bright yellow jacket. I figured that they would scare the bird off, so I went as close as possible to get pictures, but they just walked right past without the bird even appearing nervous!

Unfortunately the light was lousy, as it had been snowing earlier in the day. It wouldn't have been so bad if the snow had settled, as it might have reflected a little light, but it was just very dark and murky. Not the best conditions for zoom photography, so some of the images might need a little manipulation before they're at their best.