Uliving Corporate Brochure (2016)

Problem with the photos? Let me pick up my virtual pencil...

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When producing a new corporate brochure for this student accommodation company, there was a problem sourcing consistent imagery: some projects were complete and had great photography available, but others were still being built or in the planning stages.  The quality and styling of the imagery available to us was all over the place.

We hit upon a theme of taking the process from drawing board right to the finished article, so we'd do sketches that would fade into whatever full-colour "finished" artwork we had.  This would allow us to hide a multitude of sins with the source images under the "progression" styling.

However, once I'd completed a few it was decided to just use the "sketches" in their entirety, including one that wrapped around the front and back cover.

Top: The Meadows, Essex.
Main image, centre: College Lane, Hertfordshire.
Bottom: on-site shop, The Pavillion; draughting table with pop-up building;
construction site boards with crane; Pittville Village, Gloucestershire.

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