Darkwood (1997)

When I was invited to play inside the mind of Tom "Berty" Cooper

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From the dark imaginings of Tom "Berty" Cooper, who once created a game where you smashed hamsters with mallets. Darkwood was a hybrid game that mixed a fully 3D outside world that included combat and, um, drowning (a lot of drowning), with a 2D point-and-click adventure indoors.  For reasons I can't quite remember - probably just a fast-approaching deadline - I was asked to produce backdrops for a few of the key indoor locations.

The art style and skewed walls copied Berty's existing artwork, and the layouts were pretty fixed - the only major change I could do was make the pub look bigger by knocking out a wall, but still restricted player movement by putting a pool table in instead.  I did have great fun messing around adding sight gags and little points of interest, such as the tiny dragon fly killer in the butchers (along with funny name, scared-looking stock and bad spelling).

This was a good test of the copy of QPaint I'd acquired (a semi-port of DPaint on the Amiga, which never actually got released but I knew a guy...). It was essentially a pixel editor but with tools such as lightening, darkening and sprite brushes it made it easier to create effects like glass and metal.