New home in Nottingham
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(Commentary is from when this page was put up in a private section to show my friends my new house.  Pre-Facebook, obvs.)

You know you're in for trouble when you get a 'phone call from your lawyer starting "You know how you were supposed to complete on your house today...?"

I hadn't been in my new job a week. I had to rush out of work to grab a bus back in to town, but as the boss wasn't in the office it took a while to get his OK, so I had plenty of time to get even more frantic, which lead to me running full pelt into a patch of mud. Picture me walking into a bank, mud all down one leg, blood dripping from cuts on both hands, demanding a banker's draught for several grand... There was at least blood and sweat expended in the enterprise. And the laptop, while working for a while, finally died when I stripped it down to replace the broken hinge.

But I got the deposit to the lawyers in time, and the sale went through at the last minute. On my 35th birthday.