Richard Goodwin

Full stack web developer with strong HTML and CSS skills, using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) to build online systems.

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I write code that works great on modern devices but still maintains strong backward compatibility and accessibility. Worked in marketing, hosting/ISP and tech start-up environments.

Additional experience in design, illustration, photography and writing.

Recent experience


Chorus Homes

Social housing provider

Web systems specialist

Manager: Phil Knighton

Skills: web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, CMS, SEO, SVG, RWD, A11y accessibility, social media/semantic metadata, WAF, logging/stats, SOAP API); Linux system administration (Ubuntu, Apache, SSL, iptables).

In brief: rebuilding their website from scratch, using an improved version of my CMS used to such good effect at Derwent Living. A new repairs system integrates with Northgate and Impact for appointments, along with QL integration for data.

Derwent Living

Social housing provider

Web systems specialist,
Marketing team.

Manager: Steve Atkin

Skills: web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, CMS, SEO, SVG, RWD, A11y accessibility, social media/semantic metadata, WAF, logging/ stats); Linux system administration (Ubuntu, Apache, SSL, iptables); vector illustration; print design (InDesign); photography.

In brief: their online application system project had stalled, so I created a complete rebuild using my survey platform, attached to my CMS providing secure user accounts, attack detection etc. So successful I was tasked with replacing all external sites with this CMS – news, tenant portal, complex forms integrating with contact management etc. Worked on marketing/comms campaigns and customer magazine, plus training materials.

Highlights: national TPAS award; Compliance Plus rated; Europe-first QL integration; penetration tested well and 99/100 speed test.

University of Nottingham Students’ Union

Web developer/designer,
Marketing team.
Jan-May 2017

Manager: Maureen Thomson

Skills: web design and development (HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap, MSL CMS, WordPress, metadata); web hosting.

In brief: maintained and updated main website in MSL CMS, including major rebrand and building redevelopment campaigns, Varsity ticketing, advertising etc. Built or redesigned many secondary websites using WordPress (Varsity, student elections, grad balls, café, open days etc.). Rebuilt offsite hosting account to reduce cost and increase security. Advised student societies on web design, including writing an MSL feature handbook.

Highlights: Undertook rebranding of all web properties; Varsity site with real time score facility; pushed third-party shop project over the line after several previous attempts had failed.


Q3-4 2016

Skills: web development (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, WordPress); web hosting; SEO and social media; consultancy.

In brief: Started building my own CMS (see: award-winning Derwent Living site). Also: WordPress site for DLB, troubleshooting for NISA (British Ice Skating) etc.

Highlight: Presenting to NISA board at IJS in Sheffield.

Derwent Living

Social housing provider

Web developer,
Marketing team.

Managers: Ellie Allseybrook, Steve Atkin

Skills: web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, SEO, SVG, RWD, logging/stats, mapping); Linux system administration (Ubuntu, Apache, SSL, Exim); vector illustration; print design (InDesign); photography; article writing.

In brief: started out working on an em-dot WordPress variant, then tasked with creating a secure customer portal from scratch. Experimented with then-obscure “responsive web design”, making a mobile portal unnecessary. Took over system administration of in-house Linux systems. Added customer chat forum to the portal. Created a bespoke intranet, improving on portal/forum techniques.

Helped build our small team (sometimes just the two of us) into an in-house agency - responsible for comms, PR, web and social media for three commercial companies (Derwent Living, Derwent fm and Uliving) plus print media (customer magazine, leaflets, banners etc.).  Internal sites e.g. call displays, footfall touchscreens.

Highlights: full customer portal using RWD in 2012; bespoke forum; from-scratch intranet CMS; poster campaign I illustrated featured by BBC and national newspapers; 50th anniversary site; survey platform saving tens of thousands of pounds.

Earlier experience

Freedom2 Ltd.

Educational ISP/server solutions

Lead developer.

Manager: Richard Foster.

Skills: web design and development (Perl, PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript); Linux system administration (Apache, networking etc.); illustration, educational resource design.

In brief: led a small team that built server software for schools (filtering, webmail etc.), including installs in Manchester and Wirral.  Helped design/illustrate teaching materials.

Random: helped Apple get BECTA accredited.


ISP; thin client solutions; web transcoding for early mobile devices.

Tech support, web designer; web developer; Perl programmer and prototyper; Mobile device specialist.
Chichester and Guildford.

Manager: Richard Jelbert et al.

Skills: Perl; web design and development (HTML, CSS, HDML, WML, Japanese-style cHTML); Linux system administration (user accounts, Apache, Exim, ProFTPd, ipchains/tables); tech support; BBC BASIC; graphic design; technical documentation.

  • Website in 1995 plus internet suite icon design leads to full time employment
  • First line support and webmaster. Built tools to automate customer account creation, reducing errors; UK first online share offer website; accidentally co-founded early tech news blog; hacked email product to be Y2K safe.
  • Web design and development for local companies and events – Chichester District Council, Arundel Festival, Chichester Cathedral, Blues on the Farm, magazines etc.
  • Sony SCEE “Nevada” project – getting PlayStations online using extra hardware, middleware and chipboard to test social features (chat, saved game swaps etc.) Involved at all stages - initial spec meetings, documentation (writing and illustration), design spec, graphic design, and website design.
  • Demo system – automated slideshows on thin clients used in Dixons, Harrods etc.
  • Web prototype developer – “adaptive” news websites on early mobile devices, set top boxes and computers. One-day demo builds of mobile Amazon and Alta Vista.
  • Mobile device specialist – research and documentation of device abilities and flaws, how that related to full HTML and CSS; expert resource for product programmers.



2007-2012, Nottingham

Various - including web development, WordPress, writing, game design, illustration etc. See projects below.

Heart Internet

2006-7, Nottingham

Perl developer, second line support and Linux system administration for a leading hosting provider.

Hanover Park Commercial

2006, Lincoln

Perl developer for insurance provider.

Siemens Solution 1

2005-6, Nottingham

Online shop/CMS (IIS/PHP/MySQL); DSL provisioning system BT/Easynet (working from undocumented beta API).

Red Hot Chilli

2001, City of London

“Geek wrangler” (team leader) and “Perl hacker”, mobile data team. Oversaw SMS voucher project (Perl), and debugged flagship lettings site (JavaScript).  Content negotiations, Isle of Man 3G trials (Sky etc.)


2000, Battersea

Second most popular sports website in the UK at the time. Creating WML sites for Bayern Munich, AC Milan etc.; real-time scores using TCL/Vignette Story Server; adaptive site (WML/HDML/simplified HTML in VBScript) for rugby site Scrum.

Selection of freelance projects