There is a deer in my garden!

That is all.

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So I'm washing the pots and it's getting dark outside.  I glance out of the window, and there's a dog or something at the bottom of the garden.  Not unusual, most days there's a dog that gets out of it's owner's yard and runs all over.  I'm considering going outside and making sure it's not shitting on my lawn when I notice this "dog" has a weird tail.

It's... it looks kind of like a deer.  Except I live in the city, so it can't be.  It's getting really dark, so I must be seeing things.  I make a grab for my camera anyway, and the creature starts walking up the garden, right up the steps and up to the top level.  I'm trying desperately to get the camera to lock on, but there's not enough light for it to focus.  In desperation I switch to movie mode.  This fairs little better, but in between the random seeking it grabs a few frames that do kind of look a bit like a deer...

So I enhance the image (by shouting "enhance" at it a couple times, and then cranking the contrast up), show it to some people that know more about this sort of thing than I do, and it turns out it's a Muntjac deer. Not only that, but after some investigation it turns out a small herd of them had escaped and they were turning up all over Sneinton: the police were called when one got trapped on the Mounts, only for some kind soul to release it before the Police got there; and apparently one was pulled out of the canal (I didn't ask whether it was alive or dead at the time).